Program Outcomes
1 - To obtain the knowledge of the basic concepts and approaches of Women’s Studies.
2 - To be able to follow the national and international literature in the field of Women’s Studies.
3 - To apply the knowledge and skills acquired in the program to daily life and develop sensitive to related issues.
4 - To transfer the accumulated knowledge and experience in the field of Women’s Studies to further academic works.
5 - To uphold academic research methods and ethic criteria in the all academic production.
6 - To understand the diverse cultures and traditions concerning gender.
7 - To acquire a critical view towards the world, society, and oneself.
8 - To become aware of the necessity of lifetime learning to be able to put this into practice.
9 - To analyse gender at intersections of power relations, language, ethnicity, race, sexuality, class, nationality, religion, geography, age,… etc.
10 - To (re)cognise the philosophical background of the social, historical, political, religious, literary and artistic manifestations of gender.
11 - To be able to see the multiplicity of feminism as a theoretical and practical activitiy and to proceed towards a clear and distinc conception through a critical view within that multiplicity.
12 - To develop a constant reflection on the possibility of  identifiying the culturally or otherwise determined qualities of tha male and female genders.
13 - To avoid the totalism of the essentialist approaches which disregard all particularities.