Comparative Women`s Literature


Women’s Studies

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M.A. in Women’s Studies

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Comparative Women’s Literature


Prof. Dr. Dilek Direnç

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Elective   X

Course Credits

Theoretical Credits:   3       

Practise Credits:

Total Credit: 3

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Semester Course

 1.Fall □        2.Spring X         3.Fall □           4.Spring  □  


The Aim Of The Course

The objective of the course is to provide a comparative study of poems, short stories, and novels by women writers of diverse cultural and national backgrounds with a focus on themes, motifs, images, myths, archetypes, and narrative strategies.


Course Content

This course approaches women’s writing from an intercultural and comparative perspective. Classroom discussions focus on shared themes, motifs, images, archetypes, and narrative techniques underlying cultural diversity of texts by mainly Turkish, American, and British women writers; it also prepares students to become more sensitive readers of culture, gender, and literature across cultures.

Reguested or Recommended Reading List

The Odyssey

“Circe”;  Eudora Welty

“Circe/Mud Poems”; Margaret Atwood

The Epic of Gilgamesh

Kadın Destanı.  Ayla Kutlu

The Robber Bridegroom.  Eudora Welty

Lanetliler.  Erendiz Atasu

“The Old Order”;  Katherine Anne Porter

“Old Mrs. Harris”;  Willa Cather

Bir Göçmen Kuştu O.  Ayla Kutlu

Emir Beyin Kızları. Ayla Kutlu

Zehir Zıkkım Hikayeler. Ayla Kutlu

Dağın Öteki Yüzü.  Erendiz Atasü

The Woman Warrior.  Maxine Hong Kinston



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