Body Women Society


Women’s Studies

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M.A. in Women’s Studies

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Body Women Society


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Aylin Nazlı

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Elective   X

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Theoretical Credits:   3       

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Total Credits: 3

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 1.Fall X        2.Spring □         3.Fall □           4.Spring  □  


The Aim Of The Course

This Course aims to indicate the social relationship between society and body and conceptualize the body as a ‘social’ to allow for social changes in the wider social context.



Course Content

The body has become important in contemporary culture as a consequence of major changes in the nature of medical practice, medical technologies, the changing structure of diseases and because of the greying of the human populations e.g. in the advenced industrial societies. The human body therefore has become a focus of much social sciences and researches as a consequences of macro changes in the social, economic and cultural contexts. Because of this, the body has become ‘visible’ in the sociology and the sociology of the body has emerged as a distinct area of social studies and importance of the body has been highlighted by a growing number of sociologist since the 1980’s.

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Title,Name and Surname       : Assoc. Prof. Dr. Aylin Nazlı